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Lifting the Veil – Raising the Curtain

This site and the others like it are here to reveal the message of God to the world the first bearer and bringer of light was turned against God by the congregation he was the last of the Angel’s created. Making him the youngest and most valuable as he revealed the value of the SON a covering for God who is Spirit,  God wore HIM to move among the congregation. Some of us are carrying him as well, …

Guess Who’s Coming?UPDATED

Someone other than myself solved this one Bless their heart, Father.  Thank you for sending help. What he did was combine the North and the South sides and blurred the image to come up with the face found in the shroud. Time to start doing the peace plan God has always wanted for us. Total Number of Words: 54Total Reading Time: 0 minutes 17 seconds

The Musings of Satan

The lost do not believe he is real; still, he needs a temple built. He wrestled for Moses’s body, and that was after the Exodus; he needs a body to declare himself God in the temple. If he gets another body, shouldn’t someone else get… Read More »The Musings of Satan

Ukraine. A magical autumn sunrise, with mist creeping over valleys, over mountain formations far from civilization. Synevyr pass located in the Carpathian mountains.

The overlook.

Discernment is a valuable gift given to the chosen and elect of God. Having served in a Christian Film festival for over 20 years, we made it a point when inviting others to receive Christ as their savior to fill out counselor cards; then we… Read More »The overlook.